’s Happy Halloweed Strain List and Review | Marijuana’s Happy Halloweed Strain List and Review


The candy bowl is filled, the party invites are out, and the spooky decorations are making the pad look deliciously goth. Hell, you even carved a pumpkin this year. You’re ready for the stoner Halloween night of your nightmares, except … you’ve still got to stock up on strains!

Nothing gets people in the mood for scary movies and candy corn like sparking up a joint or passing around a bowl. So, if you still need to run out and pick up, here are a few of’s favorite Halloween-themed marijuana strains to a wonderfully dark and lit All Hallow’s Eve.

Your 2018 Halloweed Strain List


Frankenstein re-animates the soul and invigorates the mind. According to Seattle’s Private Reserve, this Indica-like strain was created from a mysterious pool of intoxicating genetics, and is is known for its intriguing appearance and powerful cerebral effects. Great for relaxing on any normal evening, this strain would make the perfect companion for watching your favorite horror movies on Halloween night.


This Slymer is not the ectoplasmic apparition from “Ghostbusters,” but it is notorious for creating a gigantic appetite in its consumers, according to Kind Bros. A hair-raising smoke for guests on All Hallow’s Eve, this strain has a nebulous genetic lineage that creates an earthy flavor and instills some very deep-rooted cerebral effects.

Green Poison

This strain is anything but dangerous or malevolent, so don’t be tricked by the intimidating name. The only thing Green Poison’s terpenes and cannabinoids are accredited with eliminating is pain and  insomnia, according to Recognized for its ability to modify your mental outlook, this strain will aid anyone looking to embrace the frightening nature of Halloween.

Ghost OG  

While this is not a strain for the newbie toker at your Halloween gathering, Ghost OG does provide a specter of intense relaxation for the seasoned consumer. Known for prompting outbursts of laughter at inappropriate times, it’s a perfect strain for anyone looking to giggle their way through the local haunted house.

Jack the Ripper

If you’re not careful this Halloween, Jack the Ripper might just make you its next victim. But unlike the notorious murderer from the East End of London, this strain is best known for generating a sense of euphoric energy. While the original Ripper was known for disemboweling his victims with surgical precision, the strain’s overarching effects help invigorate and uplift, according to Flow Kana. But smoke too much and this strain can leave the uninitiated consumer feeling a tad bit paranoid on this darkest of nights.

Review: Add Viola’s Ghost OG to Your Next Spooky Sesh

Viola’s Ghost OG is a strain with paranormal powers. It’s intoxicatingly buzzy and heavy in all the right ways. It’s the slow-burning, slow-sedating creeper that you’ve always wanted in a spooky sesh. Cultivated by Viola, a Denver-based cannabis company founded by former NBA player Al Harrington, Ghost OG had the team haunted by its potent body-buzzes and euphoric head hazes.

Viola’s Ghost OG tested at 20.79 percent THC.

Monterey Bud

Once Viola’s Ghost OG was freed from the container the bud’s appearance and aroma produced a collective gasp in the smoke circle. Ghost OG is the perfect treat for Halloweed.

The Ghost OG high provides for a perfect mind-set, both exuberant and relaxed. The high is a definite creeper that replaces anxious feelings with a deliciously delightful mood. Ghost OG is a go-to strain for anyone who is ready to celebrate Halloween by watching horror flicks from the safety of their couch. And keep the trick-or-treat candy handy — you’ll need it.

Allena Braithwaite

Though it’s named Ghost, there is nothing ghastly about this strain. Viola’s Ghost OG is nothing less than pure excellence. Her bud structure is short and stout, but what Ghost OG doesn’t have in length is well compensated by width, density, and trichome coverage. The bud’s amber crystals create a soothing yellow glow around the nug. The scraggly hairs scattered throughout are burnt orange, adding to the inviting warmth of this cultivar’s appearance.

Our sample ended up becoming a Ghost OG joint that numbed my mouth and left my bottom lip tingling on inhale. What’s best, these buds don’t seem to burn in a hurry, but rather each drag was a slow and steady combustion. Ghost OG’s density allowed the mid-sized joint to travel around the five-person sesh circle quite a few times, leaving all in its path stoned and joyful.

After the smoke, I sustained a happy and uplifting high for the next hour of my evening. I used my newfound zeal as an opportunity to go find a last-minute Halloween costume. I think everyone in town had the same idea because the costume store was packed. Lucky for the crowd, I was feeling peaceful, patient, and attitude-free.

Suzy Nguyen

What a treat it was to smoke Viola’s Ghost OG. Ghost OG makes for a dense bud dripping in trichomes. The flavors delightfully haunted my tastebuds with a ravishing blend of earth and citrus while the effects spooked away any  motivation to be productive and left me feeling lethargically relaxed.

Usually, once a sesh is over, I can snap out of my daze and power through the rest of the day, but this time I was left sinking into the sofa cushions feeling completely at ease. Ghost OG kept me faded throughout the day until my bedtime.

Andy Andersen

Ghost OG is a truly soulful strain that treats the body to a nearly instantaneous buzz and the mind to an ethereal introspection and euphoria.

The first thing that struck me about our Ghost OG joint was the taste, unmistakably smooth and piney, yet captivating and elusive as it danced through the joint’s soft, fluffy smoke. By my second toke in the rotation, I was already feeling this strain’s effects in full force. A delightful rush of heavy, tingly stoniness ran from the back of my head through to my brow like racing stripes. My thoughts immediately became more vivid and my sensory introspection.

For the next hour or so, I was awash in a foggy sea of slow, steady thought and an invigorating full-body buzz. By the time I got home I was in a perfect place to make some finishing touches on my halloween costume and settle in to watch my final horror movie of the season.

If you’re Halloweed plans involve some chill time with friends, I highly recommend augmenting the evening with the heavy, buzzy, and inviting spirit of Ghost OG.

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