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Strain Review: Indoor Organic Gardens’ Mac 1 is a Love Note to Great Weed


Indoor Organic Gardens’ Mac 1 is a trichome-heavy wonder bud with a winning blend of cerebral energy and physical euphoria that reminds us of why we fell in love with weed in the first place. Mac 1 seems to be getting the Indoor Organic Gardens’ crew some attention on Instagram. Find out what the reviewers had to say about this rising star.

Lab test results for Indoor Organic Gardens’ Mac 1 were not available.

Monterey Bud

The Mac 1 strain by Indoor Organic Gardens is a proper smoke and one that’s trending within the cannabis community. With delightfully frosty buds layered with flashes of radiant, purple calyxes, and peach-colored pistils, this strain is a great choice for those looking for a powerhouse strain with a knockout punch. Originally cultivated by @Capulator, Mac 1 is thought to be a cross between Alien Cookies, Colombian Gold, and Starfighter, and believed to be a sublime toke for those with an elevated tolerance level.

The Mac 1 sample was a gaseous delight. Ground up, twisted, and smoked to the roach, my Mac 1 joint managed to fuse two distinct flavor profiles — a piquant skunk and baked goods.

The high was more physical than mental. The high from Mac 1, a perfect smoke for the weary 9-to-5 worker, felt like a brief, two-hour mental vacation.

Allena Braithwaite

Mac 1 is one heavy nug. This dense flower is saturated in trichomes, sprouting up so close together that you can barely see the purple-and-olive-green leaves underneath. Wild orange hairs bend and weave throughout the bud, and Mac 1 wafts an intoxicatingly skunky scent as soon as the jar lid twists open The Indoor Organic Gardens cultivators certainly used their finest techniques to cultivate such an astonishing strain.

Our sample went a long way: two joints from just half of one bud. Once we sparked up, Mac 1 began to really show off her features. Hits from this cultivar put me completely at ease — giggly, relaxed, and quite talkative. I also experienced one of the longest-running munchies ever. Hours after the stoney and hazy effects of the strain disappeared, I sustained unquenchable hunger. I would love to smoke Mac 1 again, but on a weekend I’ve chosen to veg out in front of the couch and binge-watch “Disenchantment.”

Suzy Nguyen

MAC 1 is a strain that delivers a complementing mix of musk and pine. I overcommitted to my first hit, but was pleasantly surprised with the fade of flavors. The first hit sent a blow to my taste buds, leaving an earthy and woodsy taste that then dissipated into a soothing pine flavor. The exhale was just as excellent as the inhale. I was mildly relaxed, but still alert, and prepared to knock out my tasks. The joint burned evenly for an extended time and retained its complex flavor throughout the session.

Andy Andersen

Initially, I wasn’t blown away with the flavor upon my first couple of inhales from my Mac 1 joint, but it didn’t take long for my taste buds to pick up on its light, earthy tones. After about 10 minutes of fun, fast, and thorough conversation, I became indelibly aware of my energizing head high and slowly started to feel a tingly body buzz in my shoulders and at the base of my neck. For the next 45 minutes or so, my mind and body felt in sync and my spirits were lifted. The rush of the experience was both mentally productive and emotionally invigorating.

Coming down from Mac 1’s relatively quick burst of creative energy and emotional euphoria was gentle and smooth — slowly shifting from crystal clear to hazy relaxed my body into a loose, restful state. Mac 1 is definitely a strain I’d love to return to, especially for times when I need a potent mood boost or some help getting into a creative headspace.

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