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Strain Review: Laugh Out Loud with Autumn Brands’ Chemdawg


Ever been in a smoke sesh and heard a really great joke that had you laughing so hard you’re practically bawling, only to realize later that the joke wasn’t really that funny and that the weed was providing most of the laughs?

Autumn Brands’ Chemdawg is capable of duplicating this experience quite well. And here’s the kicker: Chemdawg offers a wide range of cerebral, creative elevations, along with some peaceful, relaxing body highs on the back end.

Read what’s strain reviewers had to say about it.

Lab test results for Autumn Brands’ Chemdawg were not available.

Monterey Bud

Let’s be blunt: Chemdawg by Autumn Brands is not your average smoke.

Chemdawg, according to Autumn Brands’ cultivators, is a hybrid strain that produces a bulky bud structure, one that can be smelled from “a mile away.” Her grenade-shaped flowers generate a pungent, diesel-like fragrance. Perfumed and powerful, the bud flashes varied shades of green as its crystal-coated calyxes and mature trichomes frames her amber colored pistils in an intoxicating light.

As we puffed on and passed the joint during a midday meeting of the minds (i.e. our lunch break), the Chemdawg joint provided a spicy, powerful, and relaxing toke. After stimulating the right hemisphere of my lethargic cerebrum, the strain’s synergistic effects provided a motivated state of intense creativity.

Chemdawg was a quick mood enhancer that immediately cultivated a creative mindset. While her collective terpenes and cannabinoids made for a stress relieving smoke, the overarching effect was energized and peaceful. The bottom line: I found Autumn Brands’ Chemdawg strain to be the right therapeutic strain for a chaotic workday.


Allena Braithwaite

When your chemistry needs a boost of trippiness, Autumn Brands’ Chemdawg is your lady. Her buds waft skunky dankness, so be sure to keep these flowers inside of Autumn Brands’ packaging or another glass jar. I put about a gram and a half of Chemdawg in a plastic sandwich bag for a friend, and it made my whole backpack smell like weed. I adhere to the conventional belief that when a strain retains a strong aroma even after the curing and drying process, it’s indicative of a great high to come. Chemdawg proved me right.

I smoked Chemdawg in a joint. Twice. The second time, there were less heads in the rotation, so the quicker sesh circulation sent my head flying sky-high. We were faded on a level that would come from a baby dab, which is very impressive for a flower sesh. It was also the kind of high that will get you stuck in a location because you’re taking too long to make a decision — like leaving the room, for example.

Another example: I had realized I was holding a lighter that wasn’t mine. “Oh God,” I thought, “I’ve Bic’d someone!” (Note: “Bic’d” means you took a lighter that isn’t yours — a mortal, sesh sin.) I stopped and thought about going back, but faded-Allena told herself it was too far. While wrestling with all my options, my co-worker interrupted with a question that snapped me out of my analysis-paralysis; I forgot the entire Bic situation.

Also, to the person who lent us their Bic: I have your lighter.

Suzy Nguyen

Chemdawg by Autumn Brands had a musky scent that trailed the flower long after it was broken down for the soon-to-be joint. At first glance, I could see the amber hairs overlapping one another, and as I dug deeper into the bud to break it down, the dense clumps of flower that broke off the stem stayed compact, ultimately requiring even more breaking down.

Once the shake was ready to roll, I packed it into a joint for our sesh’s smoking pleasure. The roll was effortless thanks to the blanket of sticky trichomes that left a tacky residue on the flower. The toke, however, required a little more effort. When I took the first hit, I was not expecting such a smoky pull. The intense flavors caught me off guard and had me coughing quickly, but once I paced my hits, the flavors blended a lot better and there was a smoother transition from the wood flavor to musk.

After smoking Chemdawg, I was in a giggle fit. Everything I heard was probably not as funny as my smoke-filled mind thought it was, but it didn’t matter. My case of cackles was not going to be resolved anytime soon. My body was completely couch-locked. Overall, Chemdawg by Autumn Brands is the perfect strain to cap a never-ending day; its musky scent and calming effects will tackle even the most aggravating pains and stressors.


Andy Andersen

Chemdawg by Autumn Brands offers a strong, complex high that is equal parts relaxing, invigorating, and riveting. My lunchtime Chemdawg joint produced a thick smoke and a strong, woody flavor — both of which engaged my senses completely, and turned me onto the deep, dank buzz slowly building in my temples and forehead.

After a few minutes of silly conversation, I found myself with a serious case of the giggles. The comfortable haze brought on by our Chemdawg joint’s delightful smoke had given way to a rush of cerebral stimulation, creative energy, and an intensely elevated mood. Once our Chemdawg sesh was over, my thoughts were fast, animated, and fun. After a prolonged flightiness in my chest and head, my body slid down into a restful couch-lock and my mind settled into a deep cerebral groove.

Chemdawg from Autumn Brands is a riveting bud that I’d recommend to anyone who values a strong, engaging high for both the body and the brain.  

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