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Strain Review: The Sweet, Smokey Beauty of Famous Cookies by Famous Genetics


If you’re looking for a real treat at the end of a long day, you could do a whole lot worse than the sweet, smoky, extravagance of Famous Genetics’ Famous Cookies.

The crew got swept up in the glitz and glamour of this trichome covered star and fell for the laid-back lifestyle of this cannabis celebrity. Check out what the reviewers had to say.

Monterey Bud

You can keep fame, just give me those Famous Cookies.

Cultivated by Famous Genetics, Famous Cookies instills a sense of relaxation for both the casual and celebrity smoker. While the intense spotlight of fame is not for everyone, Famous Genetics’ dense, sweet-and-sour buds are an enjoyable toke for anyone looking to improve their headspace. Today’s sample of Famous Cookies was manicured down to medium-sized, super frosty nugs with the bud appeal of a marijuana-megastar.

After passing the Famous Cookies joint around the sesh, I was instilled with an overwhelming sense of relaxation that lasted the remainder of the afternoon. The high had me feeling mentally alert, yet physically relaxed, and focused enough to finish those annoying tasks that one usually leaves until later in the day.

Allena Braithwaite

Famous Cookies reminded me why I fell in love with smoking weed in the first place. Her buds deliver a tasty smoke so sweet I thought it would spoil my dinner. In reality, this powerful flower only heightening my hunger and enhanced the way my food tasted.

Famous Cookies’ golden nugs were completely powdered with bulbous trichomes and covered in stringy amber hairs. And those hairs were also covered with hairs (Actually, they’re cystolithic trichomes, technically speaking). From the looks of all those trichomes, clearly Famous Cookies was going to be a promising sesh that I was ready for.

Every puff of the Famous Cookies joint provided sweet notes of honey on inhale and a fantastically voluminous cloud that didn’t leave me with cottonmouth (always a huge win). As I burned toward the joint’s end, I started to get a head-high and my body felt like it was floating away.

Suzy Nguyen

Famous Genetics’ Famous Cookies’ distinct, strong pine aroma leaves a fresh forest scent and cedar-wood fragrance that makes the idea of smoking it very enticing.

The buds were so dense and appeared as if guarded by a thick layer of trichomes that breaking them down was a challenge, but once I was done I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of ground weed left to roll into the joint.

After a few pulls of the Famous Cookies joint, I felt slightly stuck. So I turned up the jams on my phone and fell into a stony canna-tose. When it was time to leave the sesh, I quickly snapped out of the smoky spell and went on to power through my workout thanks to the invigorating boost of energy that made burning calories feel just as good as burning cannabis.

Andy Andersen

Famous Genetics has cultivated a truly luxurious strain in Famous Cookies. Our Famous Cookies joint immediately set itself apart from some of the other Cookie strains I’ve had with its thick, flavorful smoke that lingered in my mouth and triggered a pleasant sense of relaxation in my head and muscles.

After a few puffs, I found myself hooked on the Famous Cookies flavor — sweet and oaky with a  subtle minty accent. As I got lost in the flavor, the sound of conversation in the room began to fade, almost as if someone were delightfully turning a volume knob down. The faded-eyes, rested-grin look everyone in the room had tipped me off to my own heavy-body buzz and cerebrally-cushy headspace.

If you’re looking for a real treat at the end of a long day, help yourself to the sweet, smoky, extravagance of Famous Cookies.

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