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What the Puck?! Mark Hockey Season by Packing Hash for a Power-Play Sesh


Fall is a particularly satisfying time to smoke. It’s dark, it’s cold, you’re searching for “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD) online. Maybe it’s the piles of bright red, orange foliage that mimic the look of a lit joint, or the temperature drop that makes you want to curl up in a blanket with your favorite bong and book. Whatever it is, it’s a thing.

And with autumn welcoming the start of National Hockey League (NHL) season, Marijuana.com has just the puck to celebrate the October 2018 season openers.

Marijuana.com shows how to use the kief collected from your grinder or from a specific brand, and press it into a hash puck. Kief is an accumulation of trichomes that have fallen off the bud while in a grinder and through a screen into a part called the kief chamber.

Hash pucks are made up of the accumulation of trichome glands that make for a high concentration of THCA and pressed into, well, a puck shape. They can be used to top bowls filled with flower for a kick of potency.


  • Clear adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Wooden pencil, unsharpened
  • Strip of paper
  • Kief


1. Start by placing a strip of tape over the writing end of the pencil.

2. Cut off the excess tape that doesn’t cover the end of the pencil.

3. Put a strip of tape on one end of the strip of paper.

4. Place the unsharpened tip of the pencil on the paper strip, opposite of the taped end. Align the paper edge with the edge of the pencil.

5. Tightly roll the paper around the pencil until the tape wraps around and sticks itself. The paper sleeve should be tight enough so that it doesn’t slide off.

6. Push the paper to extend about one-eighth of an inch, or about one-third of a centimeter, beyond the pencil tip to create a paper “mold” for the kief.

7. Press the pencil’s paper sleeve into the pile of kief, like a cookie cutter. Lift it up and press some more kief into the pencil. Repeat the pressing until the plant material is compact and won’t crumble when it’s touched. The stickier the kief, the easier it will be to pack the material.

8. After you’ve packed the pencil’s cavity with the kief, slide the paper up the pencil, away from the kief, to make the puck drop out.

And there you have it your very own hash puck. You can use it to top a bowl of flower, pass the puck to a friend, or save it for a literal rainy day. No matter the goal, you’re sure to score.

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