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Strain Review: Relax for the Night and Let Nug’s Forbidden Fruit Take Over


Ever pick up a nighttime Indica strain for a relaxing night in, only to smoke it and find yourself locked in a high-energy head rush for the next few hours? Well you won’t suffer this old bait and switch with Nug’s Forbidden Fruit — a gorgeously aromatic bud with all the hazy, full-bodied, and mildly sedative Indica-like qualities one could ask for in a solid nighttime strain.  

Scroll through Nug’s reviews on and you’ll see right away that people love the Oakland-based company for the quality, consistency, and affordability of their products. Nug officials told Culture Magazine that the company’s vertically integrated, seed-to-sale operation has afforded them to fine-tune the entire process, and grow as an organization without sacrificing consistency in its product line.

For a company that aims to “normalize the cannabis experience and provide products that will inspire us all to move society forward,” providing consistent quality at an affordable price point is certainly a strong foundation to build upon.

Nug separates all of its products — including flower, concentrates, and its award-winning chocolate “Nug Bars” — into one of three categories: Nighttime Indica, Daytime Sativa, and Anytime Hybrid.

A quick reminder: indica and sativa will tell you where a strain came from, as well as its growth traits and physical makeup, but not how it will make you feel. An indica plant may produce sativa-like effects, and vice versa. It’s still perfectly valid to describe effects as “sativa-like” or “indica-like”, as long as we remember that sativa or indica-like effects don’t necessarily coincide with a plant’s sativa or indica lineage.

For brands like Nug, the Daytime Sativa and Nighttime Indica labels still work as long as those strains deliver the daytime or nighttime effects they advertise. And Forbidden Fruit is certainly a strain that fully lives up to its Nighttime Indica label.

Forbidden Fruit was tested at about 15 percent — not particularly high for your average top-shelf bud at a California dispensary, but make no mistake; Forbidden Fruit is strong in effect, but also very gentle — like a good, long, psychotropic lullaby.

Nug’s Forbidden Fruit. Labeled as a Indica, Forbidden Fruit was lab-tested by CW Analytical at 148.9 milligrams (16.6 percent) of THC per gram. Each package contains an eighth, or 3.5 grams, of flower.

When Forbidden Fruit came across my desk, I was immediately entranced by its gorgeous aesthetic and even gorgeous-er aroma. The nugs of dark, royal purple and deep green, peppered with prominent orange hairs and visibly bulbous, sugary trichomes exploded with a distinct, delightful lemon candy scent the instant I opened the jar.

Burning the Midnight ‘Solo’: ‘Cool Smoke That Tasted Like Lemon Drops’

Maybe you enjoy a nighttime strain that knocks you out fast, but I prefer something that slowly rocks me to sleep over the course of a few hours while treating me to a distinctly recreational body high along the way.

To test Forbidden Fruit’s effectiveness as a Nighttime Indica, I took it home to pair it with a little wine and cheese left over from my Friendsgiving the night before, and my “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Blu-ray, which I had been dying to sit back and watch in the company of a good indica-heavy strain for a while now.

“Solo” may have been somewhat of a cultural and financial disappointment, but its breathtakingly cool low-light cinematography (that was poorly rendered in movie theaters across the country, but looks great on Blu-ray) was something I really wanted to experience through the prism of a bud heavy with indica effects. Solo Director of Photography Bradford Young’s style very much emulates the low-light cinematography of ’70s classics such “Apocalypse Now,” “The Godfather,” and “The Parallax View” — all of which I’ve had great experiences viewing under the influence of an indica-like haze.

I packed my Forbidden Fruit in a bong, which gave me more than enough access to its flavor. Very much in line with what I had already experienced from its aroma, the strain gave off a thick, yet sufficiently cool smoke that tasted like lemon drops, augmented by a delightful Christmas spice flavor that pushed through with every exhale. The flavor paired well with a few sips of Merlot, which I held back on for a majority of the sesh so I could get a full sense of how Forbidden Fruit was treating me.

It only took one healthy rip from the bong for Forbidden Fruit to start working on me — touching down at the top of my head and slowly proliferating down my neck, shoulders, and arms. Another couple moderate hits and the tingles and jingles across my skull begin to sink in behind my eyes, causing an oddly soothing sensation of pressure.

For the next two hours, my limbs were loose and warm, and most of my body’s usual tension was dissipated. It felt luxurious to rest my heavy, hazy head on the back of the couch — only sitting up for periodic samples of brie, honey goat cheese, and aged Gruyère; the tastes and textures of which ignited a subtle flurry of emotional contentment.

And those dank low-light visuals from “Solo” melted into a smoky, romantic, retro sci-fi/western fever dream under the warm, intoxicating spell of this sensual strain.

By the time the movie was over, the sedation phase had begun to kick in — though, admittedly, the two glasses of merlot near the end might’ve helped — and I was soon in bed with a smile on my face. As for Forbidden Fruit, I really can’t imagine finding a strain better suited for a relaxing night in.  

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  2. I have gotten Forbidden Fruit locally and at a MUCH higher THC. it is a awesome strain. I also got a crumble off the stuff that is off the chain as well.

    Do NOT let the dark colour of the buds fool you. its tasty as fuck

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