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Twitter Lights Up Before, During, and After Weed Won Nov. 6


What’s in a tweet?

Twitter is a sociopolitical arena where activists, politicians, journalists, entertainers, and the masses do battle 280 characters at a time. The election was no exception.

While the election didn’t exactly provide the blue wave liberals had hoped for — though Democrats won back the House of Representatives and female candidates delivered a “Pink Wave”  — supporters of marijuana legalization and cannabis policy were celebrating hard-won victories and tweeting triumphant sentiments.

Although the issue of marijuana legalization may have taken a back seat to other social issues — blatant xenophobia, healthcare reform, and immigration, to name a few — in the hearts of more left leaning voters, the politically charged “smoke the vote” tweets were omnipresent leading up to Tuesday’s vote.

Marijuana reformers logged another major win when former Attorney General and marijuana bogeyman Jeff Sessions was fired by President Donald Trump.

Also, fellow anti-pot crusader and Republican Rep. Pete Sessions lost to Democrat Colin Allred in Texas.

With that said, here are some of my favorite post-election tweets for the week ending November 10, 2018.

The Politically Correct Weed Tweets of the Week

Once voters passed Proposal 1, Michigan’s Coalition and Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol announced Michigan will be the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana, making them the first state in America’s Heartland to reform their marijuana laws.

The former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura congratulated Missouri’s voters on selecting the best of three medical marijuana initiatives Nov. 6.

Salt Lake City NBC affiliate KSL-TV was seemingly delusional when they posted an incorrect graphic showing Proposition 2 losing when it was actually winning.

I’m sure those opposed to Utah’s ballot initiative were initially pleased with the incorrect graphic — but that excitement probably faded when it was announced that Proposition 2 had won.

“Marijuana won the midterm elections,” proclaimed Marijuana Moment’s Tom Angell. And rightfully so. With 13 states electing reform-minded governors — plus the victories in Michigan, Missouri, and Utah — it appears as though legalization is gaining traction.

Kevin Sabet, the president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), apparently attempted to distort the results and was immediately taken to task.

Oregon Democratic U.S. Rep. and cannabis policy supporter Earl Blumenauer revels in the loss of Jeff and Pete Sessions.

In another win-win for marijuana investors, cannabis stocks witnessed a substantial uptick in value after it was announced that Jeff Sessions was forced to resign.

Hasta la vista, Sessions.

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  1. The real celebration will be when Trump is GONE!!
    I will dance in the streets!
    I will sing with joy!
    It will be the BEST party you ever attended, and it will cover the ENTIRE USA; indeed, the entire planet will rejoice when Trump is GONE!!
    Start working on 2020 now!!

  2. Drug reformers who are celebrating the departure of Jeff Sessions need to step outside of their political silos and SMELL THE FASCISM!!

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