Cabinet Grow Yielder Max Product Information | Marijuana

Cabinet Grow Yielder Max

The Yielder Max cabinets by Cabinet Grow are simple-to-use, fully automated grow cabinets which offer the grower the choice of media (soil or hydroponics) and high efficiency lighting system (LED or compact fluorescent). Never before could you get a complete growing package that makes producing your own medicine so easy. From seed to harvest, this cabinet contains everything you need to grow prolific plants. Keeping your garden on the down-low is a snap with the integrated duct muffler (for quieting the fan) and the carbon filter (which keeps odors from leaving the cabinet). These components, combined with the light-tight construction, gives you a professional growing space that remains entirely inconspicuous. Yielder Max cabinets make perpetual gardening simple. You can start seeds or the next generation of clones in the lower chamber while you bloom plants in the upper chamber. It’s no wonder that the Yielder Max won the 2014 High Times Stash Award. For more information about Cabinet Grow and the Yielder Max cabinet please visit:

Quick Specs:

  • Dimensions: 60” x 24” x 31”
  • 200watt CFL or 360watt FLIP LED lighting
  • Your choice of soil or hydro grow mediums
  • Removable shelf for more vertical grow space
  • Robust inline blower
  • Commercial carbon filter
  • Casters for easy mobility