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Dabber Donkey Domeless Nails

Engineers and machinists by day, concentrate enthusiasts by night and disappointed with all the current nail choices on the market, we took to the drawing board to create something better.

Much research, many long nights, and lots of energy drinks later, the Dabber Donkey nail was born.

Why is Dabber Donkey so awesome? Dabbin’ the rainbow in pink, purple, gold, green, and blue, you can choose to have your baby Donkey engraved with one of hundreds of choices. Our air intake system allows Donkey enthusiasts to enjoy the full effect of their dab – the more air flow the better! Made from the highest-grade titanium, our nails are made from the best quality material possible. Light, durable, and able to get the job done, each nail is made by proud American hands (what could be better than supporting the good ole US of A?). The middle of our nail features cooling fins, designed to pull heat away from the base while still allowing the nail head to maintain maximum heat for a perfect dab.