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707 Headband

The Scoop

707 Headband is a Hybrid boasting an insane MVP genetic lineage of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, backcrossed with either Master Kush or OG Kush, depending on the cut. Likewise, reports of the proportions are mixed. Some claim Indica-dominant; others, Sativa-dominant. We’ve even seen a 50-50 mix reported, but one thing’s for sure: she gets it in. DNA Genetics’ version of Headband is almost identical to the original, a testament to their natural skill to breed like the best. The hybrid genotype brings forth both the cerebral, energetic head buzz of a Sativa, and Indica’s sweeping body high. The head rush is the first noticeable sign you’ve been smacked with 707’s potent Diesel-Kush mélange. Users report feeling the sensation of an actual headband. In fact, some experience auditory, and even other physical hallucinations. Eventually Headband settles back into its Indica relaxation, with a smooth comedown. Despite the utter dips and valleys of the rollercoaster high, Headband allows for maintained mental clarity, albeit one with heavy physical sensations.

More About This Strain

True to its hybrid makeup, 707 Headband delivers a high that is both cerebral and relaxing, sublimely mixing Indica and Sativa effects.  DNA Genetics’ OG Kush – Sour Diesel cross lives up to its name: patients often report they feel as if 707 Headband produces the sensation of an actual headband. So take a puff, strap in, unleash your inner leisure sport all-star, and enjoy the free apparel. It’s going to be a happy ride. Euphoric, happy, creative effects.  Recommended for nausea, pain, and migraines. 707 Headband is not just a high–it’s an experience. And one that users report makes them feel like they’re wearing a THC Headband. An innovation we can only hope makes its way to the NBA sooner rather than later.


Developed in California’s Humboldt County (the 707 refers to the area code), 707 Headband is a Sour Diesel/OG Kush cross, backcrossed with Master Kush.

  • Like 707’s multilayered aroma, its taste is also complex. The citrus and fuel taste come through first, followed by a thicker, buttery flavor upon exhale. It’s a true smorgasbord of taste bud tickling flavors, though somewhat dominated by the Diesel’s sour twang. A surprisingly smooth smoke contains myriad flavors, like an always-changing Warhead candy drop. Breathe in and enjoy the mixed palate.
  • The Diesel parent is apparent, from the first whiff of 707, to the last. But the tangy musk of the fuel scent mixes nicely with other sensations, such as pine, and licorice. Like a Skunk a Baskin-Robbins, this hybrid will leave you pleasantly surprised with its multitude of flavors.
  • To look at a nugget of 707 Headband is to view a prism, turned around in your hand. The thick layer of trichomes paints the bud with an almost-white sheen, but the right light, and the right angles, shows brilliant orange and red pistils and an olive green plant. Indeed, a veritable rainbow exists under the milky gloss.
  • The compact look can be misleading, as Headband produces a nugget that is of average density and will retain its shape when squeezed.