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9 LB Hammer

The Scoop

TGA Subcool Seeds hits the nail on the head again with this 9 LB Hammer. A heavy-hitter with a sweet side, she’s the best of both worlds.

More About This Strain

This indica-dominant cross packs a punch and is frosted to perfection. She grows like kush with a fast finishing time and tremendous resin production. A couple tokes of this flower will have you out like a light.


This strain was created by Jinxproof Genetics (@_jinxproof) for TGA Subcool Seeds. It is a three-way hybrid of GooBerry x Hells OG x Jack The Ripper – all legendary strains in their own right. 9 LB Hammer is naturally very resistant to powdery mildew which makes it a perfect choice for your backyard garden.

  • The grape fruitiness of the 9 LB Hammer is what hits your tongue first, followed by a hint of lime tang, finishing with a sweet residue in your mouth like you just finished a starburst.  
  • The sweet melon smell of this strain will attract you like a magnet. Upon first sniff, the melon and grape profiles stand out the most. After a few more deep inhales, you realize she is more complex than just your average fruity strain. With the perfect mix of fruity tang, you'll be tempted to eat it right out of the bag. 
  • Let's just say she has some serious bag appeal. The pastel purple calyxes are flawlessly covered with mature trichomes. Upon breaking the nug, you're revealed bright purple veins that run throughout the interior of the nug, making the experience reminiscent of opening a treasure chest. 
  • The buds are tightly formed but not absolutely rock-hard so you're still able to break it up by hand, although you'll be left with some sticky fingers.