Afghan Haze Strain Information | Marijuana

Afghan Haze

Also Known As: Affy Haze

"The Ombudsman "

The Scoop

A strain with a few different varieties and phenotypes, the original Afghan Haze comes courtesy of Mr. Nice, providing a pure blend of Afghan and Haze. An Amsterdam staple that’s less prevalent in medical marijuana states, she’s a go-getter.


More About This Strain

The Afghan Hazes combines an a deadly original Afghan female with a rigorous giant haze male. She has many phenos that vary from super hazy, to more Afghan dominant, but all of them are unique and potent, it’s just a preference thing.


This strain is a classic Mr. Nice strain that was made in the early 2000’s. She was made in Amsterdam for those who wanted to enjoy a nice buzz while being able to get work done.


  • After inhaling a big cloud of Afghan Haze you taste the classic haze franensense taste that an exotic columbian haze is known for. After exhaling you pick up a sweet, kushy earthy taste that lingers on the palate well after smoking.
  • After opening her jar she fills the room with a sweet metallic, sandalwood, kushy like flavor, that will turn any stoner into a hound trying to track down where exactly that beautiful smell is coming from. After cracking open one of her beautiful nuggets, your nose is tickled by her spicy cayenne, a nice aroma that will permeate any smell proof bag.
  • Her flowers are long and dense with a lime green hue and olive accents. Her pistils are crimson in color, and abundant wrapping around her long buds. Her trichome coverage look like it has been dusted with powdered sugar, because they are abundant and shiny.
  • Relatively light in the density department, her sativa genetics limit the ability of this flower to become overly tight.