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Black Beauty

The Scoop

 A rare strain that was very close to being lost forever, Black Beauty has a unique cannabinoid profile that makes it a one-of-a-kind beauty. Dark purple, dense buds ooze a sweet pineapple aroma accompanied by soothing floral notes and a subtle fuel kick. But don’t let her beauty fool you, these buds pack a serious punch.

More About This Strain

This beauty delivers the unique impact of THCV — a fast and intense cerebral effect — with immediate pain relief and relaxation. Black Beauty goes far beyond just another purple strain with an elevated cannabinoid profile and a distinct flavor profile to match. Like any rare beauty, she is hard to get but certainly a reward for those who pursue her.


 A madam with a mysterious past, to say the least. A passionate grower and patient, George Biancini, picked her up as a clone from Oaksterdam University, where she was being sold as a high-CBD cultivar of Purple Pineapple. However, the genetics did a 180 when George grew her out and discovered she had 7% THC but no CBD. He began to dig deeper into the cannabinoid profile with Addison DeMoura, co-founder of Steep Hill Labs, and they discovered Black Beauty was filled with a very interesting but unusual cannabinoid — THCV. Ever since finding out the myriad of health benefits that THCV produces, George has stabilized the genetics so she can be ready for mass production. Since THCV is a hard-to-find compound in cannabis these days, George is now focused on pumping out as much THCV medicine as he can.

  • Juicy, refreshing, and syrupy. She has that typical purple flavor with a tangy twist. She coats the tastebuds with a peppery pineapple smoke that leaves you craving delectable hit after hit after hit. The sweetness of her aroma is replaced by flavorful zesty notes once inhaled, which is a captivating surprise that is sure to change the mind of any purp haters out there. Black Beauty’s flavor profile is more complex than your average purple strain — the subtle spiciness, mixed with the fuel-laced exhale, and the thick syrupy smoke pack some serious power into this purp.
  • More than just a looker, her aroma is as intriguing as her beauty. When the jar opens, her sweet fruity stench can fill a room. Don’t let that fruity scent fool you though, once a nug is cracked open and deeply inhaled, she exudes a fierce fuel-drenched fragrance. The appetizing combination of zest, pineapple, and petrol is a concoction that will leave your mouth watering.
  • Her trichome-drenched purple buds are reminiscent of a glistening cluster of concord grapes — dark, dense, and mouthwatering. The flowers put on quite a show with vibrant magenta and lime green glimmering specks amongst deep purple, almost black, nugs. Dense, kushy nugs are a predominant feature of Black Beauty. Dripping with potent crystals, this strain evokes visions of the night sky with thousands of radiant stars on a dark canvas.
  • Solid, black nugs that leave a trail of sparkling trichome dust wherever they go. But don’t let the purple color deceive you, her flowers are as sticky as glue and as hard as rocks — a grinder is absolutely necessary.