The Scoop

Chernobyl has always been high on my “Go To” list of favorite strains to hit when feeling stressed out. This toxic sounding strain is a sweet byproduct of the selective bean breeders at TGAgenetics: its gene pool consists of a Hybrid cross of Jack’s CleanerTrain WreckTrinity and Space Queen. This strain absolutely nukes your sense of caring about the daily grind, replacing it with an energetic euphoria. Providing a relaxed space in the mental universe. Chernobyl allows individuals to see the world through a different set of lens – albeit temporarily.

More About This Strain

A Pacific Northwest staple noted for its purple and pink bonkers profile. Predominantly a Sativa-dominant strain, Chernobyl placed in the Top 10 at the 2010 HTCC. Her creative high is an extended trip into Wonderland, instigating a cerebral journey on even the minutest of topics. With a sweet citrus punch and just a touch of lime flavor on its exhale, this strain is generally done flowering approximately 2 – 2.5 months after its 12/12 light cycle has been switched.  For the outdoor cultivator, you’ll have to wait until mid-October or later depending on your regions grow zone to taste Chernobyl’s radioactive bud.

  • A smooth smoke with a blast of citrus flavor, Chernobyl is one of the tastiest Sativa strains on the market.
  • Chernobyl’s smell can seem almost as bad as her name – unless of course you happen to like the pungent smell of cat-piss. Fortunately for all, Chernobyl also enjoys some mild undertones of citrus and lime.