Cotton Candy

"Special Carnival Fare"

The Scoop

Known for its phenomenal taste and overtly colorful, pink shades, Cotton Candy combines the best aspects of Power Plant and Lavender into a majestic Hybrid that rests on the top pedestal among connoisseur strains. The claim to Cotton Candy’s genetics belongs to the Delicious Seeds, who only sell the feminized version.

More About This Strain

Cotton Candy’s genetic information is the best available, but open to interpretation, as many dispensaries will label any pink strain“Cotton Candy Kush.” That, however, usually means its a pretender, likely a Kush grown in low light. Because when it comes to carnival fare, whether you’re a Funnel Cake or Cotton Candy type is irrelevant: after smoking Cotton Candy, you’ll take some stale popcorn if that’s what’s available. While we imagine a Funnel Cake flavored strain would be scrumptious (growers, take heed!), the herbal form of Cotton Candy is hands down one of the more delectable strains on the market. Another version of Cotton Candy from Vancouver claims Afghani x Blueberry as its cross, but isn’t as common. Either way, odds are your Cotton Candy will look rather hot with, of course, a pink tone.


A Delicious Seeds creation, not much is known about Cotton Candy other than its genetics. The strain, while prevalent no where, can be found in New York City delivery services and dispensaries scattered over the West Coast. Be wary of subpar Cotton Candy–it’s more than likely a pretender misnamed due to its pink currents.

  • A splendid terpene profile possessed with sweet floral notes and a burst of salt-water taffy. Naturally, even if it doesn’t quite smell exactly like Cotton Candy, the rich taste and sticky profile will remind you of everyone’s favorite carnival fare.
  • Mellifluous notes of crisp lavender breeze by, followed by a slightly bitter, more chemical scent. This Cotton Candy has pazazz.
  • Like Cotton Candy! There are pink overtones and shiny, electrolyte-esque orange, magenta, and neon gusts throughout Cotton Candy’s shell. A truly magnificent strain to behold, it’s she’s kind of like the Great White Buffalo.
  • Sticky icky icky! For a strain without OG present in the name, its coat of Keif and combined stickiness makes for a lovely coupling.