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DHN Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Also Known As: Dark Heart Nursery (DHN) platinum cut, Platinum Cookies, Platinum GSC, DHN GSC

The Scoop

Put another cookie on the books, this is one plant of many that is deserving to sport the cookie name. The flowers of the Dark Heart Nursery Platinum are like none other, each resinous disco ball is nearly pure hash giving way under your fingers like a warm hand full of dabs. What she lacks in yield she makes up for in sheer potency, each flower is encrusted in a coating of trichomes giving it a surreal illustrated appearance. Thought to be discovered in mid 2012, her popularity has increased dramatically in the past two years due to increased documentation and availability.

More About This Strain

Platinum cookies has a tightly built frame that explodes with growth. Her small compact flowers could be mistaken for diamonds.. and can fetch a similar price.



The Platinum cookies made it’s online debut in early 2012 in online forums and grower circles. At this time many fake cuttings, also called “Fortune cookies,” were being identified and sourced by the community.  A clone center by the name of Dark Heart Nursery released a platinum cut AKA the DHNPlatinum around this time and for the most part was over looked. It turned out to be one of the more legitimate producers of out of this world meds than a majority of imitators, blowing minds with her hash like buds and soaring brain melting high. She can not be found up and down the west coast, her reputation growing day by day with each harvest.

  • Platinum Girl Scout Cookies tastes like the best cookie dough you ever tasted. The type of cookie dough your grandmother used to make and watch like a hawk so no one took any of her sweet dough. After exhaling her dessert like smoke you can taste hints of grapes, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice
  • Upon cracking open the jar she filled the room with a freshly baked shortbread cookie smell that you’ve never smelled among trees. After peeling open her trichome covered flowers you smell an array of grapey, cookie dough kush that is extremely aromatic and will reek the whole house up before you even start smoking. After smoking this unique flower the house smells like a batch of mom’s fresh baked chocolate chip shortbread cookies.
  • Her flowers are dense and round with little spiky calyxes popping out everywhere. She is lavender steel in color with different hues of blues and lime greens. All her flowers are a little bigger than golf balls, with a crystal content like that of a 10 karat diamond.
  • Platinum Girl Scout Cookies has some of stickiest flowers you will ever come in contact with, they are just oozing trichomes everywhere. She is very hard to break up by hand simply because of how dense she is and her monumental crystal content