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Double Diesel

Also Known As: Double Diesel

The Scoop

Award-winning parent NYC Diesel combines with the traditional Sour Diesel to double up the diesel flavor and effects. Though nothing crazy, Double Diesel does do what is asked of it, and brings out more of the sweetness inherent in diesel strains, while maintaining a well balanced high. Easy for any grower, but it does best in a hydro (SOG) setup.

More About This Strain

Just as the name sounds, Double Diesel is a cross of two diesels, designed to double up and extricate what makes diesels great (at least for the dieselphiles out there). Unfortunately, the cross doesn’t do much for the grow yields, despite narrowing down the flowering period a bit. A Sativa-heavy cross will get you that head high you’ve always wanted, however.


Typically you get something pretty great when you use an award-winning parent as one part of a cross. We wouldn’t call Double Diesel otherworldly, but if you’re looking for a Sativa-leaning hybrid that offers a bit more of the narcotic effects of Indicas, this is a good choice.

  • Here is where the traditional diesel musk comes into play. More acrid than the smell, Double Diesel’s taste is less sweet, with a bit more menthol and earthy flavors penetrating the flavor palate. It favors a bit more of an earthy and smoky taste as the peace pipe continues to burn, and, for the most part, is a pretty smooth smoke.
  • Despite its double diesel lineage, Double Diesel doesn’t give off the Flying J truck stop fuel smell you’re used to with other diesels. In fact, this strain gives off more of a sweet, fruity flavor than it does the traditional fuel smell. There is certainly a bit of the diesel musk in there, but not the crazy sour, pungent fuel smell of typical diesel plants.
  • Double Diesel is a pinecone shaped nugget that typically features lighter green hues in its leaves and calyxes. Peach and light orange colored pistils twist and turn their way across the pinecones under a nice, if somewhat thin, covering of trichomes for an overall closeup appearance of, honestly, an immature pinecone.
  • The double in Double Diesel serves this strain well. Combining two diesels has left this plant with tighter nuggets than typical diesels. Dense in texture, Double Diesel is a good mass without feeling overly rocky or dry.