Dream Queen

The Scoop

Dream Queen is a Sativa dominant hybrid that has long been a favorite of 420 aficionados in the bay area. Aesthetically pleasing, Dream Queen enjoys bright white trichomes glistening on top of its tight and flavorful flowers.

More About This Strain

Dream Queen will weave your dreams. Dream Queen’s frosty buds are nothing short of delicious, offering subtle flavors and a clean blissful high, this strain makes a perfect present to give your ill, anxious, or depressed loved ones. It’s the perfect way to say, “I love you, but you need to chill out.” With its undeniable bag appeal, Dream Queen tastes as good as it looks. The Queen’s clean and gracious high gets your mind and body working together, generating a mild state of creative bliss. Smoke it before a movie, smoke it before writing, or smoke it with that someone who you’d love to enjoy time with. Dream Queen’s noble genetics provide insights for the inquiring mind.


No lofty creation myths here. No mysterious Afghani adventures, not even a trip to Bangkok. Dream Queen sprung from the imagination of the good folks at the Apothicarium in San Francisco. They crossed Space Queen and Blue Dream; it’s as simple as that.

  • When hitting on the Queen, her smoke lights up the tongue with a touch of mellow haze on the inhale – then unleashing subtle hints of refreshing menthol on the exhale. Its complex and varied flavonoids lie just beyond our ability to describe, so don’t be surprised if your left speechless after tasting the Queen’s essence. Provided you ever have the pleasure of tasting her.
  • The Queen’s hazy aroma is accompanied by overtones of mint, grapefruit and menthol.
  • Dream Queen’s appearance varies by the individual cultivator. At their best, Dream Queen's bright green buds are covered from stem to tip by florescent white trichomes, so long and reflective that you can barely make out the color of the leaves.
  • Depending on how they were cured – Dream Queen’s buds can be crispy to the touch and ready to crumble. Don’t waste your time using your fingers, just toss them in the nearest grinder and be done with it.