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Elephant Stomper

Also Known As: Dumbo's Flight

"Elephant Stomper lives up to its name, with hard-hitting effects coming out of this hybrid."

The Scoop

Elephant Stomper hits you and hits you hard. Not for those who are disconcerted by the elevated heart rate and paranoia caused by smoking, as this strain will really get you going. The 50/50 hybrid split ensures there is enough body high to calm you down, but be prepared for anything with this pachyderm.

More About This Strain

The science, huh? You want the science? You can’t handle the science! Kidding. But seriously, there isn’t a whole lot of science behind the nearly 50/50 hybrid Elephant Stomper. A veritable smoothie of parent strains, this hybrid cuts it pretty close to right down the middle, and exhibits all sorts of funky tastes and effects from its tripartite heritage.


Though there is some discrepancy over who Aloha White Widow’s true breeding father is, the certainty around the strain is that it is one of the more potent and tasty white widow versions out there. It also lends itself to Elephant Stomper’s hard-hitting high. Combine that with a Grape Stomper strain that’s been tested as high as 25% THC, and you have yourself a winning combination.

  • Much like the aroma, Elephant Stomper’s taste palate is that of the great grapefruit. There are hints of musk and skunk and other typical marijuana flavors upon inhale. But let the smoke circulate a bit, and you’ll enjoy the nice grapefruit-like aftertaste coming out of your mouth.
  • Wild grapefruit, man. Do grapefruits grow in the wild? Regardless, the overarching smell of Elephant Stomper is reminiscent of the overlarge citrus fruits. Snap open the buds like you’d snap open the rind of a ripe grapefruit, and enjoy the sweet, slightly tangy with a kick kind of smells.
  • A very delicately colored strain, Elephant Stomper doesn’t appear as the name might have you believe. Light green and yellow are the primary colors involved in the buds, with a milky layer of tichromes to hold it all together. From afar the buds appear to almost be glowing a bit - and the entire plant is one that exudes delicacy rather than the big and hard stomp stomp of elephants.
  • Elephant Stomper typically produces buds that are sugary - as the white covering of trichs would suggest - and dense, but still soft. It’s a sleep number pillow for your pipe: not too soft, not too hard, but with all the right trappings of a potent potable.