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Also Known As: N/A

"A loud Indica-Dominant Hybrid that will brush you back. You’ll be feeling like a warm and fuzzy teddybear, as the subtle, fast head-rush transforms into a baby-like content. "

The Scoop

Named after the furry hunter-gatherers from Star Wars, Ewok, another award-winner from Alien Genetics, blendsthe classic Albert Walker with their potent Tahoe Alien. The Ewok strain was created to add potency and resin to the Pacific West classic Albert Walker, a heavy yielder but not the strongest strain. The true Hybrid has quickly become a coveted cut to grow.

More About This Strain

The Alien Genetics Empire strikes again. Like with their less known (but equally swell) Alien Rock Candy, Ewok is an indisputable saveur’s strain. Storming onto the scene in 2013 by capturing the Cannabis Cup first prize for Hybrid, Ewok can mainly be found in the Pacific Northwest, but has made it to a select few clubs in both Colorado and California.


The breeders obtained a coveted, old school cut of Albert Walker (an unknown Afghani), a long time (80s) Pacific Northwest staple known for her high yields and quick growth periods. Seeking to intensify Albert Walker’s effect and give George Lucas his due, the Alien Genetics crew merged her with a Tahoe Alien male. It worked.

  • A slice of OG, and a dark, chocolate-orange hash flavoring from the Albert Walker side of her.
  • The Ewok strain has a spaced-out fruit aroma that reeks both during and after its growth. Its parental units’ both have strong scents, and together, the combo is forceful. Fired up by the celestial taste of spicy orange – mixed with tangerine, then intermingled with the heady aroma of every Star Wars fan: Kush.
  • Ewoks are hairy beasts. Sticky, resin encrusted nugs… reddish orange pistils, mixed with the frosted green sugar leaf. An aroma reminiscent of Tahoe OG, from the Tahoe Alien side of her genetic tree.
  • Albert Walker’s Skunk lineage combined with Tahoe Alien’s OG background make her a pot-sticker that leaves ones hands coated in resin and requires a grinder unless its been over-dried.