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Also Known As: G13, Project Greenleaf

"The Urban Legend"

The Scoop

Steeped in legend, G-13 was allegedly created at the University of Mississippi in the 1980s by scientists at a government research facility. Part myth, part chemically enhanced strain, this 100% pure Indica quickly became the most sought after strain on the planet, spreading its wings throughout the United States and Europe. While the original version purportedly no longer exists in pure form, its most common iteration, G-13 Haze, is a staple in Amsterdam Coffeeshops and some medical marijuana dispensaries.

More About This Strain

Created by a team of government-sanctioned scientists experimenting with breeding landrace strains, G-13 was the prized winner to arise from the University of Mississippi. It’s the Wolverine/Frankenstein of strains: we’re not quite sure how its special powers came to be, but it was–according to most accounts–the work of government lab rats. Likewise, it lays a very real claim to the title of “most powerful pure Indica ever created,” especially on a campus university. While its strength is up for debate, its allegedly been tested as high as 30% THC, which is a record. A cross-breed of Afghani Landrace’s, its genetics likely go back as far as time. But its mysterious lineage and creation means no one knows exactly what went in to the original G-13.


The lab researchers in Mississippi in the 1970s bred 23 different Afghani strains in their government sanctioned study, labelling them G-1 to G-23, and G-13 was the overwhelming winner. While the original cut (and seeds) are now the stuff of myth, a lone female clone escaped the lab, and made its way to botanists throughout America and Europe, most notably reaching Dutch greenthumbs in the Netherlands. Once in Dutch corridors, the legendary breeder Neville Schoenmaker got his hands on the cut, crossing it with Haze to create the now infamous G-13 Haze, a more Sativa-induced version of G-13. The strain has since evolved into more lineages, one being the G-13 Haze from Mr. Nice, after breeders in Netherlands got their hands on it.

  • A flavor burst of equal parts earth and chemical, G-13 covers the entire flavor wheel.
  • For a pure Indica, G-13 has an unusual fruity punch to it. There are strong hints of moss, grass, hay mixing with a aromatic chamomile flavor. A chemical, bug spray-like odor hovers throughout in ode to its lab-induced creation.
  • Caked in Trichomes, G-13 has (or had) a dense, perfect Indica profile.
  • Sticky on first contact, it has a drier core that bursts with a white flurry when you crack her open.