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Gods Gift

Also Known As: Grape God

"By the Beard of Zeus!"

The Scoop

The verified version of God’s Gift sculpted by the creator himself and fawned upon by patients and stoners alike is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush. Arguably the most potent Indica ever bred, God’s Gift offers patients a powerfully mellow, cerebral high that leaves one knocking on heaven’s door.

More About This Strain

…And on the 8th day, God created his true gift to mankind: a sweet marriage of the behemoths OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp. On their own, these two strains are workhorses. Combined? They create a strain of Prometheus-esque standards that sends you soaring into the Kush Clouds. God’s Gift is, simply put, one of the sexiest strains of marijuana ever born–its Nugporn at its pinnacle and it’s an en vogue strain that shows no signs of slowing down–unless we’re talking about your body motion.


God’s Gift to us all–cannabis–may have been around since the start of time, but the God’s Gift patients find in medical marijuana dispensaries may not always be consistent. While the ovewhelming consensus remains its lineage is OG Kush x Granddaddy Purple, other claims and rumors include God’s Gift as a cross such as  Purple Urkle x Jax Cleaner and Purple Urkle x Killer Queen (along with a Mendo Purps x Romulan cut.) Thus, while none of these are the actual God’s Gift, they share characteristics, and might make shelves as a cut of GG. No one is totally certain about where the “real” God’s Gift’same from, and these rumored cuts and debates mean there’s clearly more than one phenotype of God’s Gift travelling the world. Likewise, because of its phenomenal name–and usually, appearance–dispensary owners and managers love naming strains that match its profile “God’s Gift.

  • The nectar of heaven, savor God’s Gift ripe grape, rich milky, and almost chemical breath. The initial grape burst gives way to a more OG, acidic flavor
  • Like the beard of Zeus! To smell God’s Gift is to smell every component of a Last Meal at one time. Grape remains the dominant scent, but other, schnozzberries come thru, along with both earthy and extraterrestrial vibes.
  • Dense, simply beautiful, symmetrical and circular shaped nuggets that shine with different shades of purple and even pink in some cuts. Few to no leafs present on her. A forest green complements its brighter shades and crystals shine within her. At its finest, God’s Gift contains a heavy dose of purple with the essence of OG (fluffiness, potency) still in tact, and the purple core really shows when you break her open, much like a Volcano.
  • A tad rough on the touch, like most OGs, but when you break her open, there’s a smooth core.