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Haze Heaven

The Scoop

Haze Heaven isn’t so much a smooth amalgamation of Indica and Sativa, but rather a portrait of an even split along the strain’s family tree. You’ll experience the head high so closely associated with Sativas, and the mellow body lull of Indicas. A grow will produce flowers that smell of Afghani Earth, and Haze’s sweet and sour musk.

More About This Strain

Haze Heaven is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred, like many strains, to perform quickly in a growing environment, and perform admirably in a smoking environment. This particular strain is a combination that does that, to the effect Haze Heaven finishes growing faster than your typical haze, and keeps the uplifting head high effects Sativa connoisseurs so enjoy.


This strain’s background is all sorts of winning pot pedigree goodness. Afghan hash plants mixed with Hawaii favorites, Northern Lights phenotypes with some sweet Haze. Essentially, what’s not to like? It’s not a crazy fast grow plant, but Heaven Haze will give you a great hybrid plant with big nuggets and a solid yield.

  • Haze Heaven is quite the combination strain. Its flavors are examples of many other strains on its genealogical tree: the musky sweetness of haze plants, and the dirty, earthy hash-like flavor of Afghani strains. Perhaps one taste overwhelms the other on a given batch, but, either way, you’re bound to end up with a musky palate.
  • The two most commonly associated words with Haze Heaven are sweet and harsh. Sweet because through the cross breeding process, whichever plant’s genes took over carried with them a sweetness of flavor. Harsh because the scent is more pungent than anything.
  • Haze Heaven plants grow in long clumps that resemble fingers. The leaves of the plant are anywhere from dark green to vibrant orange-yellow blends that look like a gradient option in Photoshop. Haze Heaven’s buds themselves are a light green with yellowish pistils that, with the added tichrome cover, appear almost neon, or even translucent, at least from afar. Closer inspection reveals a darker green, and duller oranges closer to the normal color of plants, but the point is this thing can look very pretty when done right.
  • Owing to its Afghani hash plant lineage, Haze Heaven is a resinous and therefore sticky strain. The large calyxes tend to come ensconced in the sweet ooey gooey stickiness of tichromes, and will be a pain in the fingers to pick apart.