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Killer Purple

The Scoop

An old school PNW favorite that has its roots deep in marijuana culture, the Killer Purple has been grown and favorited by old heads in the cannabis industry for decades.

More About This Strain

Her short, blocky frame screams “Indica”, Killer purple defines the meaning of the word. She will weigh you down until you’re forced to submit, her midnight purple flowers are a force to be reckoned with.


Killer Purple is a pure indica of an unknown origin. Not much is known about this plant since its first appearing in the British Columbia Area in the Early 1990’s. She had managed to get into several gardens of leading Washington State cannabis activists and gained popularity quickly for her intense high and ability to turn purple in all weather conditions. Since the rise in seed distribution Killer Purple has become something of an urban legend, unable to survive the competition in most gardens it has become a plant of unicorn like notoriety.

  • The acrid tones of Killer purple will linger on your lips for hours, Her putrid air will linger heavily in your mouth and lungs. She has substance to the last cinder with every smoke laden breath enriched in a heavenly bouquet of lavender and old growth forest. Her flavor is powerful and commands the attention on its way in and out, paired with the expansive push of her smoke she can be forceful giving even seasoned smokers a stifling cough.
  • The room will smell like freshly cut flowers with the first cracked bud, Her pungent floral odor seeps into your tongue leaving an oddly enjoyable bitter impression on your palate.The strength of earth in her stench is matched equally by an ammonia like haze that will tickle an upturned nose. Killer purple harnesses many neglected scents together forming an aroma that is positive and enjoyable.
  • She has a forbidden mystery that surrounds her, Killer Purple is true to the name showing a stunning array of purple and pink color tones. The violet undersides of each remaining leaf darkens towards it’s base creating unique depth to her outward appearance that is simply unmatched. Her dense, resinous buds are packed with large calyxes with many layers packed tightly inside each fleshy cocoon.
  • Her flowers will turn to goo under strong pressure, her fragile trichomes break easily making a mess however you choose to break it down.