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Kosher Kush

Also Known As: Jew Gold; Kosher

"The Hebrew Hammer"

The Scoop

Originally bred by a group of Southern California hasidic growers and referred to as “Jew Gold,” Kosher Kush is a high octane, OG Kush based strain that’s risen to fame thanks to DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada, and The Clinic of Colorado. Its clever, unique name has led rappers like Methodman and Redman to endorse the strain, and made it somewhat of a mainstream, fashionable strain that everyone now wants a slice of.

More About This Strain

In reality, Kosher Kush is simply a cut of OG Kush made infamous by a group of orthodox Jewish growers in California. Known as “Jew Gold” to these skilled and peyesed growers, the fine folks at DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada gave the name a little more politically correct handle in “Kosher Kush” and the rest is  history. While its genetics are up for some debate, it’s been compared and linked to both OG Kush #18 and SFV OG. Brought to fame by The Clinic of Colorado, it’s become a staple high end strain in dispensaries all over California and Colorado. If you’re looking to reach a Jewish audience or show off to your relatives during the High Holidays, then Kosher Kush is the bush to burn.


Like man, not all strains are created equal. And not all strains are blessed by Yahweh himself. A cut of OG so fresh Adam and Eve smoked it in Eden, Kosher Kush (also known as “Jew Gold”) is on a lofty, mystical pedestal of its own. Like the bible, Kosher Kush’s legend is seeped in a bit of mystery, rumor, and lore. Recently, the Kosher myth has taken on a life of its own, becoming famous recently by winning the Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in both 2010 and 2011 (from the DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada seed-line). Likewise, Kosher Kush has become a staple strain for medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the world. It’s most renowned version is sold at The Clinic of Colorado.

  • Strong notes of pinecombs with a caramel finish provide a full-flavored punch. It’s a sweeter, less spicy cousin of OG Kush
  • Like a fine, Jewish wine, the Kosher Kush has your typical, bomb OG, Pine-sol scent to it, but with a sweet, complex twist.
  • Way more visible trichomes and density than in your standard OG, its Indica heritage shines through. The nuggets thin out as they protrude from the base, but veer towards the bulkier side, especially for an OG.
  • Extremely dank, with way more powder coming off the nugs onto ones fingers.