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Larry OG

The Scoop

One of the original seven cuts of OG, the forceful hybrid Larry OG is a cross of Fernando Valley OG Kush x Larry Kush clone, bred by Swerve and the Cali Connection. Like almost all OG’s, Larry OG is a very heavy and price, high grade strain extremely prevalent in Southern California.

More About This Strain

Larry Bird. Larry David. Larry Johnson. Larry the Cable Guy. Larry OG. Like these Larrys of yore, Larry OG has a sweet, sweet swagger. Larry OG has a taste as smooth as one of Larry Legend’s fade away jumpers An affect as giggly as one of LD’s charades. And looks almost as hot as the “Grandmama.” Like any form of OG Kush, Larry OG is, if you haven’t caught on by now, very lush. If the main image doesn’t convince you that stellar Larry OG comes equipped with some frosted tips, these pictures will.


Larry OG has been a staple on the Southern California dispensary circuit ever since Swerve introduced it. There’s not too much else to add–it’s just a wonderful OG Hybrid that is unrivalved, even by many OGs.

  • Harsh, strong, and carmely, the Larry OG has a flavor that doesn’t quit.
  • Well, it has a much more lemony smell and taste than its peers as strong hints of lemon and the pine-sol qualities of OG Kush will be very present.
  • Like your standard, dank “OG.” But what sets Larry OG apart from other OG Kushes? At times, a purple tint may also be visible in your Larry OG.
  • OG...OG...OG! So sticky that you’ll have to wash off your hands after handling this girl.