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Lemon Thai Kush

"Vibrant hybrid cross with definite OG hit"

The Scoop

A rumored cross of Lemon Thai and OG Kush, Lemon Thai Kush is certainly Lemon Thai crossed with some form of Kush to settle the Sativa down and provide more of a balanced high. Lemon Thai Kush is a big grower, though, so you’ll need experience and room if you want to tame this strain in the grow room.

More About This Strain

She carries with it the flavors and scents of its Lemon Thai predecessor – citrusy, a bit tropical. Mixed with the kush side of the marijuana spectrum, it becomes a hybrid strain with high yields and resinous buds. If you’re down with the high THC %, go get ‘er.

  • If you venture down Lemon Thai Kush road, you’ll take a walk through a spice cabinet. Woodsy flavors like cedar and pine hit your tongue first - a melange of nature’s remedies natural flavors. You’ll enjoy lemon and pepper-tasting notes as they complement the woodsy flavors well.
  • Lemon Thai Kush smells like you think it would smell. You’ll detect lemony, citrus notes when you open the jar. Your earthy, more musky pot and kush smells follow that, and wrap everything up into a nice little woodsy bouquet for your tantalized nose.
  • Lemon Thai Kush is a large plant that resembles a tree. Its dark green leaves and narrow, light green calyxes blend well with the long yellow pistils. Perhaps as you’d expect with a lemon-named plant, Lemon Thai Kush grows under a frosting of cleear and white tichromes, so that the final appearance is a plant that is very lemon and lime colored.
  • Like using peanut butter to get gum out of your hair, you’ll need something to get Lemon Thai Kush off your fingers or out of your grinder. She’s a very sticky strain even after a full cure (always a good sign). But she’s also a hybrid, so the sticky nugs aren’t dense rocks, but the tichromes keep them from being totally fluffy.