M39 Strain Information | Marijuana


Also Known As: Beasters

"Still stony, but won't put you in the clouds."

The Scoop

M39 is a mass produced strain from Canada that gets exported to the United States, compared to her more renowned counterparts, both above and below the Canadian Border. One of the weaker progenies of Skunk #1 combines the classic Amsterdam staple with an unknown, generic Dutch Strain for a mediocre, commercial strain.

More About This Strain

Classic Skunk #1 is crossed with an unknown Dutch commercial variety to bring you a fast flowering, high yielding strain, and that’s what this strain is all about. Easy to grow, easy to sell cheap, and a strain that has “NOOB” written all over it. Then again, sometime a weak strain is the best strain, depending on a patients’ needs.


This strain was made in Canada in the early 90’s, having been exported to the United States by biker gangs. The Asian gangs are said to have run and presently still run the beaster game in Canada.

  • After taking a rip off a huge joint you can taste a couple different flavors in her smoke. She has an asiago cheese like flavor with accents of tangelo zest. After exhaling you get a more woodsy taste that covers your tongue in her cigar like flavor.
  • Upon cracking open the jar M39 releases a fruity haze like aroma that fills the room up with it’s fruity hay like scent. After breaking up one her buds she releases a wet carpet like smell that is signature to M39. After smoking she leaves a burnt rope like smell in the room.
  • She has medium-sized round buds that are the color of pine trees with lime green accenting her flowers. Her orange hairs cover up majority of her body with the sheer quantity of hairs on this flower. Her crystal content isn’t the most sparkly thing you’ve ever seen although she does have some small clear trichomes on her.
  • Her consistency is somewhat sticky, but is very easily broken up by hands when crumbled. She does leave a little sticky content after breaking up but nothing compared to the top shelf buds.