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Mendo Purps

The Scoop

Mendo Purps is one of the more legendary strains to come out of Mendocino County. To get this herb in seed form, B.C. Bud Depot acquired a cut in 2004 and crossed their Mendo Purps back to itself after selecting the best male. The outcome is one of the most coveted purple strains in the world, as well as a great producer.

More About This Strain

Mendo Purps provides a nice relaxing effect that is known to give serious couchlock and a severe case of the munchies. This herb is great for an appetite stimulant, as well as muscle relaxer and pain killer. A great indica that should be enjoyed at night time because of the sleep inducing effects. Great bud to smoke at the end of the night.


Mendo Purps is a legendary strain in California, and while the cut is hard to find, the bud itself can be found on the shelves of many dispensaries. First acquired in 2004 by B.C Bud Depot, Mendo Purps was inbred to create seeds so everyone can enjoy this terrific strain.

  • A complex blend of grapes, hash, skunk and pine hit the tongue, immediately cleansing the palate. This intense medley of flavors lingers on the tongue and can be tasted hours after smoking. An intense artifricial grapey flavor overrides all of its accompanying flavors and coats your mouth like a grape flavor jolly rancher. The exhale is mostly piney and skunky, with hashy undertones, while the inhale has grapes written all over it. One of the best tasting purples in the game hands down.
  • Mendo Purps has that classic “Purple” aroma, which fills the nostrils with the sweet fruity smell of zinfandel grapes with a light piney tone that carries. The scent is quite aromatic and will smell out of its bag. Undertones of skunk compliment the piney overtone, as this herb stays in the nostrils, and makes the mouth water.
  • Mendo Purps is one of the most purple strains you will ever come across. The nug is almost entirely purple, with some green when you crack open a nug. The magenta buds are round, dense little golf ball nuggets and resemble purple grapes. These dense buds are caked with crystals that glitter in the light and has light orange hairs scouring its violet buds. The herb has incredible bag appeal and will appeal to a lot of people simply because of its color.
  • Sticky icky! This purp will have your hands sticking to each other for hours.