New Freezeland Orange Strain Information | Marijuana

New Freezeland Orange

Also Known As: NFO, Hampster, Orange Friesland, Orange Freeze, Orange

"Mr. Freeze"

The Scoop

A strain with multiple names, Orange Crush and New Friesland collide to produce a Pacific Northwest special, the New Friesland Orange.


More About This Strain

A shining example of Afghani and Skunk genetics, the Orange Friesland has as many uses as it has monikers giving her a permanent place in your garden and your pipe. She plays both sides being a friend to the smoker and cash cropper alike, her fast and bountiful harvests will will your jars with Orange Freeze with ease



Not much information can be found on this Clone only Hybrid. She appeared in the pacific northwest in the late 1990’s but her exact origin is unknown. ¬†She is a plant that has been known by many names, in Bellingham she was dubbed “Hamster” and further north in British Columbia the “Orange freeze” was quickly taking hold. Her mothers orange flavor and fathers heavy yields made her an instant favorite providing those who grew her with easy to obtain large harvests of potent desirable cheeba. She has become a Northwest staple in most gardens she frequents and is commonly found still to this day in that area


  • "NFO" shows her citrus side heavily at first displaying mouth watering lemon and orange overtones. She has a dank air that can be felt on your lips with each inward breath, her citrus oak character will dance on your palate with heavy feet.
  • The bitter sweet fragrance of New Friesland Orange will delight the senses like a warm spring breeze. Her citrus overtones take center stage highlighted by a gentle skunk presence, the two aromas work in harmony invading the nose with precise intent.
  • Her buds have a gentle look to them at first glance, New Friesland Orange's light pastels will be easy on your eyes. Her calyxes stack awkwardly toppling over one another to create massive buds that are caked in fragile trichomes. Her pistils curl inward in all directions, They are wild and vivid orange giving each flower a furious warmth that captivates the wandering eye.
  • Her flowers are more robust that her appearance lets on. With a good cure her buds can be broken down by hand or in a grinder with relative ease.