OG Kush

The Scoop

OG Kush became an instant classic with it’s unique flavor and effect. It has been a staple in Californian’s stash since the early 90s. It’s sour lemon scent with earthy notes make this strain hard to forget.

More About This Strain

Highest THC content of all the Kushes.  Happy, relaxing high.  Recommended for appetite, headaches/migraines and Tourette’s Syndrome.  


There are many rumors of the origin of OG Kush…some say it came from Florida, some say from Lake Tahoe and some in Southern California claim it as theirs. It’s origins are ambiquitous yet we are fairly certain it was found in a bag of weed (aka bag-seed). It is very clear that this potent flower has chemdawg, thai and kush in it’s genes but until gene testing evolves, we will never fully know.

There are a variety of phenotypes of OG Kush out there including Tahoe OG, Larry OG, SFV OG, Ghost OG, Abusive OG, Private Reserve OG and Hells Angels OG.

  • The herbal, woody taste of OG kush will make you think it was just plucked out of the earth.
  • Sour citrus dominated by a woody pine stench.
  • Light green flowers covered in sparkling crystals with a dense, solid structure.
  • OG Kush is that real sticky icky icky making it hard to break up by hand, use of a grinder will facilitate an even break-down.