OGKushBreath Girl Scout Cookies Strain Information | Marijuana

OGKushBreath Girl Scout Cookies

Also Known As: OGKB cookies, the OGKB cut, Kushbreath cookies, Thin mint GSC, Girl Scout Cookies

The Scoop

This cutting has swept the California coast by storm, a high yielding cookie variety with a powerful knockout punch, OGKB cookies is held in the highest regard. It’s name comes from it’s first known growers moniker, “OGKushbreath,” a man well connected in the cookiefam circle.

More About This Strain

Both the plant and flowers have a tangled look of pure dankness, look past the rough exterior of OGKB GSC and get to know her true wild side.


This strain caused a lot of confusion early on in the history of GSC,it was mistaken as the cookiefam’s thin mint cut when the name cookies was fresh on the scene. Not until the cut was properly photographed and documented in 2010 did it become apparent that this was not like the rest. It was given a new name based after the person who introduced this cookies into the market, “OGKushbreath.” He maintains in online posts that his cut is “not from seed..” one can only assume he means it is not from the seeded batches of cookies that had first been released. OgKushbreath is the owner of The Cookie Company in San Jose and is business partners with Berner, the origin of his cut is one of the only that can be tracked directly back to the cookie crew. Members of the crew have admitted that this cut is the most like their prized thin mint cut.

  • She has a flavor that matches her odor's intensity, smoking OGKB will build a notable reefer film on your palate
  • This bud has a pungent kush stench that will leave you speachless. Her strong odor is one that demands multiple bags, the overwhelming chocolate dank overtones will leak through the tightest seal making her problematic for closet smokers or those trying to hide their last few grams
  • These cookies are king sized and will catch your eye from across the room with their busty appeal. The large flared bracts of properly grown OGKB leave nothing to be desired, each flower has the inner glower that calls to your lungs with cries of manifest destiny.
  • Each bud cluster is densely packed flowers that will challenge both your grinders and fingers