The Scoop

True to its name, this strain produces a heavy coat of resin that smells reminiscent of a forest filled with pines. There’s a divide in the community between an indica-dominant Permafrost and a sativa-dominant Permafrost but its effects usually lie balanced in the middle. This Permafrost, a crossing of two industry giants, Trainwreck and White Widow, merge gene pools to craft a stone-cold sativa hybrid that provides a warm, uplifting and ambient effect — making for a great creativity break when the clock strikes 4:20. Red eyes and dry mouth, Permafrost goes to work like an amped up speed freak, leaving your body loose as a goose and in a state of total relaxation. Her complex cannabinoid content leaves the consumer floating for hours. Creative and cerebral, relaxing yet uplifting, Permafrost vanquishes the tortured hallucinations of daily worrying over our 9-to-5 existence.

More About This Strain

Frosty the Snowman is jealous of Permafrost’s icy, kiefy coat. This appetizing and definitive strain is truly worthy of being called therapeutic — banishing nausea, muscle pain, migraines and anxiety with one simple toke. With a touch of indica, Trainwreck’s gene pool is a heady sativa hybrid. When crossed with the White Widow linage, Permafrost’s potent cannabinoids will leave even the most experienced consumer drifting in and out of a Salvador-Dali-like, surreal life experience … regardless of tolerance.

  • Terpenes like sweet lemon meringue pie, Permafrost has a creamy inhale and a citrusy exhale. Featuring a complex flavor profile, the consumer gets a hazy, metallic aftertaste, complimented by a little bit of sugar and spice. Sort of like a Thanksgiving Day treat for your taste buds — with a slight taste of pumpkin pie as the last thing on your lips.
  • Permafrost boasts a distinctively stinky, sort of lemon-ish cleaner type of fragrance, with a faint whiff of spicy jerk seasoning. Who smells rotten fruit? Sorry, I forgot to mention she also has that obligatory fresh-out-of-the-dumpster rotten fruit aroma – guaranteed to cause problems in any small smoke sesh area … be prepared for evasive action on the odor control front.
  • Permafrost, as the name might suggest, are frosty, dense nugs that look mesmerizing under a scope. Swollen white trichomes crown the dark green heads of these beautiful buds, with hues of blue throughout. Her calyxes are short but stout in stature, with an overwhelming amount of dark red hairs covering the majority of the bud.
  • Permafrost has the consistency similar to that of a cinnamon bun, dense and extremely sticky. A grinder is a definite must for breaking these ladies up. Tacky like glue and hard to handle, Permafrost will leave your favorite scissors a nonfunctional mess. Provided you don’t have scissors or a grinder available, I’d stick with some nice clean glass. Trying to break these ladies up by hand is an exercise in futility – you may get it accomplished – but most of the active compounds will be stuck on your fingers.