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Phantom Cookies

Also Known As: Mazar i Sharif

The Scoop

Phantom Cookies is a new hybrid from the GDP Seeds team known to annihilate pain and ignite the munchies. Cherry Pie is crossed with GDP and then crossed with Platinum Cookies and Bay 11 to bring you this new hybrid Phantom Cookies. Predominantly found in California, this little known yet sweet and sugary treat should start to stretch her wings in short time.

More About This Strain

Phantom Cookies are a mouthful, but then again, so are most modern strains that cross. A slight deviation from the traditional Girl Scout Cookies with twists of purple and cherry mixed in – she is a special new hybrid with some crazy qualities to her.


Strain was made in 2013 by the GDP Team in an effort to create a tasty hybrid with cookies with very high CBD, and CBN levels.

  • Upon inhaling her smoke she fills your mouth up with her chocolate shortbread cookie, minty, earthy flavor that is extremely complex. After exhaling you can taste her creamy, vanilla bean, cinnamon like flavor that makes her taste just like a snickerdoodle cookie.
  • Upon cracking open the jar she reeks the room up with her shortbread cookie, cardboard like aroma that is signature to girl scout cookies. After breaking up a nugget she releases a minty, chocolate smell that is mouth watering!
  • Phantom Cookies has super dense rock hard nuggets that are dark blue and purple in color. Her pistils are bright carrot orange, and they protrude out all over this super colorful flower. Her crystal content is something from another planet, because you can see amber crystals, both the stalk and head without a microscope.
  • Phantom Cookies boasts a super sticky, greasy consistency that is very hard to break up by hand. She is unusually hard to break up because of her density and trichome coverage. A grinder is a must with this super sticky girl!