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Phishhead Kush

Also Known As: Fishman Kush

"Can I Live While I'm Young?"

The Scoop

The Clinic of Colorado’s signature strain, in honor of Vermont’s greatest (or worst) band of all time: Phish! A mix of OG Kush and a Lowland Afghani and another secret indica, it’s a phenomenal, zen Indica that would chill even a Possum out.

More About This Strain

With the rise of cross-breeding and Hybrid strains of Cannabis, finding a pure, unadulterated Indica is nearly impossible these days–even if a weed menu tells you otherwise. In essence, you can’t always judge a strain by its statistics–sometimes, you have to smoke it to know its true power. Such is the case with The Clinic of Colorado’s PhishHead Kush, spellbinding, sexy purple form of Kush that personifies NugPorn.

The cross of Kushes to make this wunderstrain is rumored to be a cross between a Lowland Afghani strain and an OG Kush. But that’s part of the PhishHead (like the band that inspired the strain) mystery–you may not know exactly what you’re in for, but you know it’s going to be a good, high ride.


While the strain gained its phenomenal color and unique scent profile (Kush, Grape, and Lavender rolled into one) in large part due to a slick grow move. Setting the grow room temperature between 63 and 67 degrees, the growers were able to achieve this type of special coloration on their flowers. It’s also got some bonus CBD and even a taste of CBN within.

  • Aromatic, flush with a nutty finish.
  • Like a bouquet of Lavender mixed with rich chocolate ice cream.
  • Purple, a lot like a Master or Bubba Kush in this sense.
  • Kushy. Dense base, lush flowers smooth on touch.