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Power Plant

The Scoop

Lighting up the South African cannabis gene pool like a nuclear facility, the electrically charged Power Plant strain is a hybridized Sativa landrace strain that packs a powerful punch. This plant was originally inbred by its breeders at Dutch Passion with the intention of creating a potent and stable strain of feminized pot that also enjoys elevated THC levels – ranging in the 15% to 20% neighborhood.

More About This Strain

Powerful, relaxed, happy, social effects.  Recommended for social anxiety and ADD/ADHD. The feminized Power Plants can be cultivated outside, but for the most part are ideal for growing indoors or in a greenhouse; indoors, power plant produces a relatively homogenous plant. Under skilled supervision, some growers reportedly yield up to a pound per square meter of visually stunning flowers. Producing fat yields from uniform plants that are easily cloned. For the outside cultivator in a Mediterranean climate, the power plant should be ready for harvest in early fall.



The talented bean breeders over at Dutch Passion first began conceptualizing the genetics for this strain in the late 80s, then developed the seeds back in the mid-90s – releasing them in 1997. Since then, this award-winning strain has been soothing the frayed nerves of patients around the globe – allowing the smoker to relax and take a load off while feeling elevated, creative, and socially inclined. After nearly dominating its competition at the 2006 Highlife cup, Power plant brought home its first trophy for 2nd place. Since then, Power Plant has won a fistful of awards – most notably two first place trophies at the HighLife Cups of 2008 and 2009.

  • This strain is a pleasure to smoke with a pungent and citrusy lemon aroma, accented by a bittersweet exhale.