Presidential OG Strain Information | Marijuana

Presidential OG

Also Known As: Barack Obonga

The Scoop

A rare cut of OG coming straight out of Los Angeles, the Presidential OG cut is a lemony and skunky mixture from Royal Queen is known for its high potency and hardcore, mind-numbing stone. She’s a diamond in the rough, and a tough flower to find in its full potential. But on some shelves in Southern California, the Presidential OG remains solely on the top.

More About This Strain

Storming shelves of dispensaries across LA is a strain that reigns supreme over all other OG’s, hence its name Presidential OG. If Bill Clinton were to smoke this weed, he definitely would have inhaled.


Born and bred in Los Angeles, Presidential OG has OG heads craving for the “prez” or “prezzy” as it goes by there. There are many dispensaries claiming to have Presidential OG, but only a few stock the real deal that is some of the best smoke around.

  • The sweet flavor of lemon pine sol coats your mouth as you inhale the tangy, yet sweet smoke that fills your mouth with flavor. As you exhale the earthy skunk flavor comes through, giving this bud different flavors that blend together perfectly.
  • Lemon zest and skunk are 2 of the overpowering smells the Presidential OG excretes. The pungent, citrus tone stings the nostrils as you inhale this flowers bouquet. Presidential OG is sweeter than other OG’s, and has more a mellow, soft lemon pledge flavor that reeks. Presidential OG smells incredibly dank, as it is one of the best smelling nugs in the world.
  • The bright green nugs look like they have been covered in snow, there are so many crystals covering the buds. The nugs have spiky calyxes and each bud is approximately the size of a strawberry. The tangerine colored pistils are short and pointy
  • A grinder is definitely needed when breaking up the Presidential OG. The buds are sticky like super glue, and are very hard, if not impossible to break up by hand.