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Private Reserve

Also Known As: Private Reserve OG

"The Serious Hit"

The Scoop

One of the most powerful OG Kushes around, Private Reserve provides an immediate, sometimes overwhelming effect. A unique, feminized cut of OG (OG $18), Private Reserve OG the Mike Tyson of strains–one hit, and you could be out for the count if you’re not prepared.

More About This Strain

Private Reserve OG is the Maker’s Mark of OG Kushes: supreme quality, immense potency, and overall, the premium good stuff. Like its Ocean Grown brethren, Private Reserve OG is a heavy hitter that’s not recommended for the faint of heart . If you’re striving for a couch-lock and a full body high, Private Reserve OG comes highly recommended. if you’re striving for productivity or searching for a wake and bake or midday strain, then you’re better off searching elsewhere. The biggest indicators that your Private Reserve OG is the real deal are tightly packed, dense nugs and a deep, resiny scent.


Unanimously recognized as one of the strongest strains bred, Private Reserve OG’s strength and THC %, when grown to its potential, remain unparalleled. Unlike many flippantly named OG’s (there’s a lot), Private Reserve OG’s origins are viable and traceable. A special, feminized cut of OG Kush seeds also known as OG #18, the strain also shares attributes with Chem Dawg.

  • Robust and aggressive, the OG Pinesol hits, followed by slight citrus notes. It’s a harsh, oak-like flavor, but its strength depends on the cut of Private Reserve,
  • The strain does carry the natural, piney and resiny scent of your typical OG. But there are lemony, Chem Dawg-like undertones that set it apart from its ancestor. The scent, while vibrant, does not quite mirror the strains smoking potency.
  • Extremely dense nuggets that shine with red hairs and keif with a wide base.
  • As sticky as they come, Private Reserve OG sticks like velcro to your skin and won’t be broken up easily by hand.