Red Stem Afghani Strain Information | Marijuana

Red Stem Afghani

Also Known As: Bombs over Baghdad, RSA

"Turned to Stone"

The Scoop

Originally from the Pakistani mountains, Red Stem Afghani is a true landrace Hash Plant-type strain.She has been admired for centuries for her ability to make large quantities of potent charas. Brought to North America in the late 1970’s by a United States soldier, a small sampling of seeds found its way to Washington State and immediately germinated the seeds.

More About This Strain

Red Stem Afghani is the apex of selection and has been bred for generations to retain her potentcy and oil content. Try to get more than a few tokes of her cooling mentholated smoke down before she puts you to sleep.


Since she was brought from her homeland in the early 1970’s, Red Stem Afghani has been making a name for herself in foreign territory ever since her arrival. She was heavily sought after for years, a few stray seeds were found in a batch spawning a now infamous local WA clone only Permafrost. Her dominant red stem and resin profile change the character of any strain it is crossed, her steely blue flowers and bright maroon stem draw the eye and her minty smooth hash scent seals the deal making any smoker who observes her beauty remember her name. Her flowers are rare in collectives but she can be found in some Bellingham area gardens and is held in the highest regard.

  • Red Stem Afghani smoke will leave your breath refreshed by her intoxicating flavor that is both floral and earthy. Each breath is labored by her expansion causing users to choke on their owl drool. The bitterness of the hash tones in her smoke give each hit a burning staying power that excites both the nose and the lungs.
  • She has a dainty aroma that hangs lightly around each nug like a soft winter breeze. Inhaling presents your palate with the cooling sensation of the menthol, mint and sage that lingers around each undisturbed piece. Brace yourself before breaking into Red Stem Afghani, her pungent yet acrid aroma will have near by friends saying "Who just dabbed?" The bitterness of her aroma is quick to retreat only showing her teeth briefly to remind you of the vicious bite to come.
  • She is in a class of her own represented as the Ferrari of cannabis. You may be blinded by the reflection off of her mirror like surface in direct light. Each bud condenses a million glistening diamonds piled in every observed inch. Red Stem Afghani's outer crust of resin is unmatched. Her pale calyxes are sparse and choke from her abundant oils. Each bud does not exceed a modest size, her stems and veins show life with vibrant hues of magenta and lavender that further entice wanting eyes.
  • These buds are extremely tacky coating whatever device you are using to break them down in a rich odorous scent of freshly squeezed sage. Her flowers are best taken apart gently, maintaining care to preserve her decadent beauty.