The Scoop

Romulan – Beam me up, Scottie! I’ve got the goods. Straight from the planet Romulus – actually, British Columbia – this Indica-dominant hybrid has long been respected for its potent medicinal terpenes and therapeutic cannabinoids.

More About This Strain

The Galactic brainchild of Romulan Joe, a.k.a. Mendocino Joe, Romulan was one of the early genetic stars hybridized and cultivated within the Emerald Triangle and the Trinity Alps. With no genetic relation to Sk#1, these short but stout ladies are less sedating than the heavier OG Kushes. Potent, ‘head-denting’ effects.  Recommended for anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraines, PMS and gastrointestinal disorder.


Originating from a war-torn region, the Romulan strain rose to fame in Canada. As the legend goes, a Vietnam veteran imported the genetic makeup of this strain to British Columbia. Acquired by The Federation, White Rhino was then utilized to crossbreed and stabilize the Romulan strain.

  • Otherworldly, as if from a citrus-centric galaxy, Romulan’s taste is best described as a hash-like mashup with a lemon spice kick.
  • Strong, robust, pungent – complex in its layering of flavor-rich terpenes and flavonoids, Romulan enjoys a crisp finish. Piney, with a touch of forest and just a dash of space dust, Romulan still rules the hybridized 420-universe.
  • Pudgy yet productive, Romulan has recessive genes which can produce purplish leaves when fully flowered – though that specific phenotype may be climate dependent. Featuring wide sun leaves and distinctly Indica shaped nuggets when grown by a skilled cultivator this strain produces pistil-popping buds that are laden with THC-soaked trichomes; hitting full maturation approximately seven weeks after the light cycle is switched.
  • Dense, weighty and sticky as Velcro, these resin-rich flowers should be handled with care. While grinders are fine, breaking these flowers up by hand ensures the safeguarding of Romulan’s preciously psychoactive compounds.