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Sharks Breath

The Scoop

Sharks Breath is a hearty disease-resistant strain with a hard-hitting high and surprisingly eccentric aroma. First cultivated by DNA Genetics, this crossing of Great White Shark and Jamaican Lambs Bread predominantly stalks its prey from the Indica side of the cannabis gene pool.

More About This Strain

Sharks Breath’s kaleidoscopic buds represent the nexus of an impressive, expansive family tree. The cotton-candy funk of Sweet Tooth, that grapey goodness of Grape Stomper, the mellow body high of Gods Gift, and the coloring of Purple Urkle. It’s all there, waiting to be identified by experienced smokers.


There was no great drama that led to Sharks Breath’s creation, only some expert breeding by the award winning DNA Genetics and a gene pool that includes award-winning strains such as Great White Shark, White Widow, Super Skunk and the legendary Jamaican landrace known as Jamaican Lambs Bread. While the real deal Jamaican Lambs Bread is nearly impossible to find, rumor has it was one of Bob Marley’s favorite smokes.

  • Sharks Breath’s doesn’t offer much in the way of flavor. The show starts and stops with a mild note of diesel and citrus.
  • Shark Breath’s Underwhelming aromatics are a godsend for those seeking an under the radar growing situation, but it will likely disappoint connoisseurs in search of something to talk about. A vague note of what might be described as tropical ginger is shrouded in a diesel-y aroma.
  • These resinous buds have delightfully large crystals that are best viewed under a magnifying glass. The pistils are long but scarce and the leaves are thick. Sharks Breath is trichome structure is amazing when viewed a little closer.
  • Dank, sticky and dense. She’s a pleasure to hold in the medicine cabinet.