Shiva Skunk Strain Information | Marijuana

Shiva Skunk

Also Known As: Shiva Skunk

"Combination of Northern Lights and Skunk create a sum more than its parts."

The Scoop

When you cross longtime industry staples like Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1, the eloquent, floral result is Shiva Skunk, a modern take on Amsterdam originals. A more flavorful take on her parents, the Shiva Skunk strain has travelled from her home in California far and wide, from Seattle to Amsterdam to Denver.

More About This Strain

Crossing the Amsterdam classic strain Skunk #1 to a super potent Northern Lights #5, you get Shiva Skunk, a strain that is dripping with trichomes and flavor. Northern Light’s spicy taste is perfect when paired with the sweet skunky taste of Skunk # 1.


This strain comes from Cali, where it was bred as a project to make the flavor more crazy on the Northern Lights #5.

  • She taste like sweet and sour like Chinese food, with her subtle sour flavor on top of her overly sweet inhale. Upon inhale all you can taste is her skunk, onion, and garlic flavor that really wakes you up. Upon exhale you get this citrus twist that sends your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.
  • After popping open her jar she releases her roadkill skunk, lemon rind, Pez candy like flavor into the air, that you can easily smell throughout the entire house. After breaking open a buds those smells become 10 times more potent and complex as she smells like licorice, anise, freshly roasted almonds, and key lime pie.
  • Her flowers are a little fluffy with a neon green hue to them. They also have highlights of blue and magenta covering her buds. Her pistils are dark golden in color ash they ever so slightly stick out of the buds. Her trichomes are amber in color, and are covering her flowers like they were just dipped into powdered sugar.
  • Shiva Skunk has a very sticky consistency that makes a mess of her trichomes. She could be difficult to handle so make sure you have a grinder nearby.