Strawberry Diesel Strain Information | Marijuana

Strawberry Diesel

Also Known As: Strawberry D

The Scoop

This limited edition hybrid was the first to coin the name Strawberry Diesel, although now there are many different variations with the same name available all around the world. First released in late 2007, only 100 packs of this cross were ever distributed to the public with the last few being purchased in 2009. An interesting fact about this cross is that Rez used multiple selected Sour diesel IBL males in his pollination of Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough. Although it was extremely rare she became renowned for her powerful high, ┬ádelicious sour strawberry overtones and generous yields.

More About This Strain

This is one strain that has it all, her fast growth and large yields of medicine that is sure to please the most uptight pot snob.


Strawberry Diesel is one name that has become common place in marijuana today, but what you may find as Strawberry Diesel now most likely is not the same Strawberry D that you would have found in 2008.  The original drop from Reservoir seeds was extremely limited, but was acquired by a few top gardeners who thoroughly documented their success which further raised the demand for this hybrid. There have been many crosses of this variety as well as remakes with different parents that have confused the title, but this is the one that started it all.

  • The sweet candied taste of her the most strawberry leaning phenotypes has a full bodied smoke that retains the characteristic diesel weight while maintaining a softer palate.Strawberry Diesel will have you smacking your lips with each puff, her sour flavor translates effortlessly into the smoke giving every breath mouth watering effects.
  • The plants of this variety have varying aromas that range from sweet to sour. There are two prominent phenotypes that express themselves in this hybrid, each with distinguished character. The more common aroma in this hybrid will leave your nose dancing, the inner citus itch will stick around in your sinuses like her diesel father. The more uncommon Strawberry phenotypes have a sweet and sour skunk uppercut to the frontal lobe that you will never forget.
  • Her long conical flowers drip with resin, Strawberry Diesel has the inward glow of a glazed donut and looks just as delicious. She has small calyxes that are frosted to the tip, each bud cluster is densely packed and oozing with oils from the inside out.
  • These flowers will be a menace to all who challenge them. It is best to use a fresh pair of scissors on these sticky buds, trying your hardest to leave the plentiful resin glands undisturbed.